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Sheila Wright, Feng Shui And Space Clearing Consultant in La PalmaSheila Wright is an International Feng Shui and Space Clearing Consultant. She is trained in Traditional Compass School (East-West and Flying Stars),  Form School and Western Style Feng Shui. 

Sheila is an experienced spiritual dowser, having been trained by the famous Australian dowser, Eric Dowsett. She helps to clear, stabilize or shield disturbed sildenafil geophysical, electromagnetic, technological, and metaphysical energies in individual environments. As a separate practice, she does personal clearing work for individuals. 

She teaches her clients the importance of using conscious intentions, as an additional way to alter their lives in positive ways, in conjunction with understanding and using the appropriate elemental and symbolic remedies in their environment. Her approach to Feng Shui is based on the understanding that each person has a unique relationship to where they live and work.  She enables her clients to understand how their environment reflects their energies, both  subconsciously and consciously. She is pleased to share both the practical arts of feng shui and space clearing/personal clearing levitra with her clients so that they may experience the powerful and often immediate results in their environment and their lives. To see her feng shui and dowsing credentials, . 

Sheila has been a student and teacher of spiritual studies for over twenty-five years. Her background also includes certification in  Reiki II, and as a Master Hypnotherapist. She has extensively studied PsychoSynthesis and Neurolinguistics.  She is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. 

She is an accomplished business woman and active in her community. She has an extensive background in real estate and is a partner with her husband in their BEST OF British Columbia and BEST OF Orange County programs, which are Internet based business referral and business development companies. She is a member of The Feng Shui Association of Canada, The Feng Shui viagra online Society of America, The Orange County Feng Shui Guild, and the American Society of Dowsers.

Married for thirty-eight years to her husband, Orville, they have two grown daughters. 

Her primary desire is to help empower individuals so that they can live richer, fuller, happier lives. 

Phone: (888) 689-2378
E-Mail: fengshui@BestOfWestminster

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